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A computer is a tool to do a job.
The more you understand how to use it,
the more effective and efficiently it can be.

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Why Choose Quickfire?

There is no right or wrong way of using a computer:
There is only a hard and an easy way; a long and a short way.
I’m convinced you would prefer to use the easy and short way.

As workloads increase and timescales shrink, we are constantly under pressure to stay ahead of the competition and at the top of our game. The computer is a valuable tool, but we are often left to pick things up as we go. We may have the help of friends and colleagues, but they are not always available, and may not even know the most economical tools and techniques anyway.

For 25 plus years, and in a variety of differing projects over a wide selection of industrial, commercial and service sector organisations, QuickFire has picked up some really neat ways of simplifying tasks at the computer. Easy to learn and economical to use, these hints and tips are brought to you in short, task-based workshops. The language is plain, the pace is swift, the exercises are practical, and since you work at your own equipment, the results are immediate.

You could choose a personal workshop tailored to your unique requirements, address your
individual issues with your own personal trainer by your side, or you could attend an open session and mix with like-minded professionals looking for simple solutions, tackling similar problems. The workshop groups are small, run at convenient times from breakfast meetings to early evening events or weekends, and you have the opportunity for a detailed follow-up session when you need it.

A 2-hour QuickFire workshop can save you many hours on those regular time-consuming and
repetitive tasks, can preserve your energy, release resources that could be put to better effect, and ultimately save money. Check out the following pages for recent workshops, topic lists, some interesting Case Studies that may match your situation, and contact Martin at QuickFire to discuss your specific requirements.

Thank You for choosing to investigate QuickFire Training.

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