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A computer is a tool to do a job.
The more you understand how to use it,
the more effective and efficiently it can be.

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Case Study 6 – Module Title: Catching Up With The Team

Management on the move. Keeping up with the team. – A Study Plan


The Brief: “I have people in my organisation that are much more adept on the computer, but am increasingly aware that I need access to information whilst travelling. I wish to increase my personal knowledge.”


QuickFire Session: Away at meetings, running presentations, having the ability to put your finger on the correct information at the right time. In this new mobile world of business, these are useful talents and give the manager and leader a competitive advantage over others in similar businesses.


Take time to learn and practice the standard transferrable skills, together with some specific tools such as the generalities of word processing to create reports (or at least the basics for later polishing), spreadsheets for calculations and/or interrogation of data, and develop the ability to collect a few slides together for a professional presentation whilst on the road. It may take a couple of sessions, with practical exercises to work on in between, but it does not take too long to cover the ground. WARNING: You may get hooked and want to develop further and faster … there is no end point here!


Feedback: “Excellent course of study. Very enjoyable and entertaining content and delivery style. I particularly like the practical hints and tips and surprised a colleague yesterday with a shortcut even she didn’t know.” Ongoing …



– – – “After only 2 sessions I’m beginning to understand what you meant about “getting hooked”. I even understand some of my son’s schoolwork.” Stephen (Director, Leeds)

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