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Case Study 5 – Module Title: Class Lists and Results

Avoiding duplication. Simplify data entry by linking sheets and files.

The Brief: “I have all my class lists in a spreadsheet and I want to use them for keeping test results in a simpler way without having to repeat entries. What’s the best way of linking lists? Can I colour code them?


QuickFire Session: Producing class lists and keeping records of results is an integral part of the teachers’ job these days, and many use the spreadsheet as the preferred medium. They are simple to produce, easily maintained, and quick to replicate, but can be time-consuming to keep up to date. Cutting down on repetition would be useful.


This QuickFire session shows how to create database lists to avoid complications for sorting and filtering data, and producing cross-tabulations of results using pivot tables. Avoid duplicating data by connecting sheets and files with formulae, avoid errors by protection cells, sheets or books, and reduce typing mistakes by setting up drop-down lists for selection using data validation rules. You can automate the results by formulating percentages and grades by formulae or vlookups, and colour coordinate results cells by conditional formatting using colours and/or symbols, and graphics if you have the new Excel version. Identify signs quickly by picking up exceptional grades in a sequence, and keep running totals with dsum, daverage and other database functions. You can even chart results appropriately – a picture can … well, you know the rest. AND ALL THIS IN A 2-HOUR SESSION …


Feedback: “Very entertaining and extremely useful. Spending a lot less time on mark sheets. Thanks”



– – – “There’s a new technical expert in the department … ME! Would you credit it.” Tony (Teacher, Chester)

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