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Case Study 4 – Module Title: Meaningful Data Analysis

Using your data for meaningful planning and analysis.


The Brief: “I know I can get more from proper management of my data lists in Excel, but I could do with some hints and tips. I know Excel has some useful data analysis tools. And just how do you create Pivot Tables?”


QuickFire Session: Learn all the data management tools in one session, rather than spread over 3 standard day courses. Learn how to construct a useable list so Excel’s data management tools can work properly (it does need planning), pick up only the necessary terminology, sorting records, filtering using the AutoFilter, special conditions, wildcards, multiple sorts and filters, the Advanced Filter and when to use it (when the AutoFilter cannot do it), the data form, subtotals and outlines, how to limit cell data by formatting and/or data validation, avoiding the errors and leaving messages, checks and balances, creating and manipulating pivot tables, tables and subtotal formulae … and even do this with your own data, if it is already constructed well! ALL THIS IN 2 HOURS …


Feedback: “Wow! This Excel is powerful, and I didn’t realise just how much you can juggle data around. One of the initial problems was the way the data was set out in the spreadsheet, and now that I know how this package works, I can plan ahead. Quite a bit can be automated too. To be continued. ”



– – – “Yes, I’m more in control and can do some really serious forward planning. Just need to use what we set up on a regular basis then I’ll be back for more. You made a difficult subject very easy. Thanks.” Ian (Production Manager, Darlington)

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