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Case Study 3 – Module Title: Managing Files and Hyperlinks

Simplifying File Management.


The Brief: “I take too much time juggling files. I’ve knocked my numerous spreadsheets down to a handful by combining them, but how do I make the remaining connections quicker? I’ve tried buttons but I don’t understand the script.”


QuickFire Session: It’s all about connections, not just buttons. Learn about connecting cells, worksheets and workbooks by formulae, connecting appearance to content with conditional formatting, connecting outcome to conditions with IF functions, connecting circumstances to results with lookup tables, quick connections to files, folders and websites using icons, hyperlinks and buttons, shorten processes with macros (recording, operating, editing, adding to quick action buttons or objects) – and practice them all … ALL THIS IN A 2-HOUR SESSION …



– – – “Most definitely. Probably saved me about an hour a day. I’m not afraid to experiment more with my documents either.” Elayne (Quality Manager, Leeds)

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