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A computer is a tool to do a job.
The more you understand how to use it,
the more effective and efficiently it can be.

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Case Study 2 – Module Title: Save Time, Preserve Sanity

Saving Time, Saving Energy, and Preserving My Sanity!


The Brief: “A computer is the lifeblood of my work; like many of us I would’t be able to work without it. I also convince myself that I am a technophile, even if my hair is more salt than pepper. There isn’t much an IT trainer can teach me, or so I thought.”


QuickFire Session: Have your own IT Trainer at your elbow for a couple of hours to watch, prompt and report on what you do whilst you work (confidentiality assured). Hints and tips as you go, where appropriate, and following up with a focussed report on working patterns and some standard guidelines providing an easy pathway to new habits.


“Martin came to our offices recently and has seriously helped me to improve my efficiency in computer use. What I liked was not just that he came to me and gave me one-to-one attention but that he fine-tuned my work processes as I did work that needed doing. It was literally on-the-job training. In effect I invested almost no time in learning new techniques and will get the pay-off nonetheless.”


“No excuse now to retain those old time-wasting habits, and an easy pathway to new habits.” … ALL THIS FROM A 2-HOUR SESSION …


Feedback: “When much of our working is spent at the keyboard, mouse and screen; then 2 seconds saved here, 5 seconds there, quickly adds up when there are a dozen or more tasks each completed scores of times each week.” That may not equate to that much in isolation, but to gain an extra hour in a day, or hours in a week, that’s significant!



– – – “I am happy to endorse Martin’s work.” Malcolm, Lancaster

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