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Case Study 1 – Module Title: Simplifying Reports

Getting a 9 Hour reporting process down to 10 minutes.

The Brief: “I use Excel to produce a number of regular financial reports from downloaded data, but it is very repetitive, and takes a considerable amount of time to get them to a printable form. I know there must be a quicker way. Can you help?”

QuickFire Sessions: Using Excel for reporting on downloaded data is a common process, but it can take time to manipulate the data into a readable, understandable and acceptable format. In this case it was Access and Excel, but by combining appropriate group queries via a simple form, and macros to export to a holding pen which is in turn connected to a master template in the spreadsheet, it is now a matter of seconds to get the data in and sorted before any subsequent analysis. All the tedious repetition is gone, and the forward planning can begin.

Templates give you the benefit of standardising processes. Added columns for data analysis, grouping, filtering and formatting can be set up as permanent features, and other steps automated by a mixture of formulae and macros to produce the reports. QuickFire covered all of these elements in one training session, though in this more complex case it took a little extra design time to complete the full working model, building in sections. The resulting process saves an immense amount of time. No extra software was required, the tools are all in the current software packages. There is now an adaptable plan which can be tailored for all other reports. … ALL THIS FROM A COUPLE OF 2-HOUR SESSIONS … Time Saved: one day a week, which equates to over 2 months a year.


– – – “It took a couple of sessions to get it just right, but at least I can go home at night now. I’ve even given the boss a button on his computer since you left, so he can run the reports himself. 9 HOURS DOWN TO NOTHING. Even better.” Rhoda (Finance Director, North Wales)

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