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The more you understand how to use it,
the more effective and efficiently it can be.

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Case Studies

Everyone has a story, and here are a few from the QuickFire library. Each individual brief, whether general or specific, requires a simple and direct solution. This is how QuickFire has helped some people in the workplace.

Finance Director, Coach, Engineer, Teacher, PA, Production Manager … we all use computers. What’s your story? Has QuickFire a solution for you?

Case Study 1 – Module Title: Simplifying Reports

The Brief: “I use Excel to produce a number of regular financial reports from downloaded data, but it is very repetitive, and takes a considerable amount of time to get them to a printable form. I know there must be a quicker way. Can you help?”

Get a report process that takes 9 hours down to 10 minutes. Click here for more of this story.

Case Study 2 – Module Title: Save Time, Preserve Sanity!

The Brief: “A computer is the lifeblood of my work; like many of us I wouldn’t be able to work without it. I also convince myself that I am a technophile, even if my hair is more salt than pepper. There isn’t much an IT trainer can teach me, or so I thought.”

Save Time, Save Energy and Preserve Your Sanity. Click here for more of this story.

Case Study 3 – Module Title: Managing Files and Hyperlinks

The Brief: “I take too much time juggling files. I’ve knocked my numerous spreadsheets down to a handful by combining them, but how do I make the remaining connections quicker?  I’ve tried buttons but I don’t understand the script.”

Save time and simplify your file management. Click here for more of this story.

Case Study 4 – Module Title: Meaningful Data Analysis

The Brief: “I have lists of data in Excel but don’t seem to be able to use them to any great advantage.  I know Excel has some data analysis tools that I could use, but I have problems figuring them out. And just what are Pivot Tables?”

Make better use of your data by proper, meaningful management. Click here for more of this story.

Case Study 5 – Module Title: Class Lists and Results

The Brief: “I have all my class lists in a spreadsheet and I want to use them for keeping test results in a simpler way without having to repeat entries. What’s the best way of linking lists? Can I colour code them?

Simplify your data entry by linking sheets and files in your spreadsheet. Click here for more of this story.

Case Study 6 – Module Title: Catching Up With The Team

The Brief: “I have people in my organisation that are much more adept on the computer, but am increasingly aware that I need access to information whilst travelling. I wish to increase my personal knowledge.”

Learn and practice the transferrable skills to help speed up your computer use. Click here for more of this story.

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